Who Is Behind Raincity Digital Arts

Raincity Digital Arts is the alternative business identity for the imagemaker. Assumption of this identity was necessary to shield the public from the potentially devastating awkwardness of misspelling his name.

Peter Feichtmeir began taking pictures more than thirty years ago with a twin lens reflex camera that he still owns. As a teenager, he setup and worked in a storage room that he converted to a dark room and for awhile, until the novelty of the photo chemistry wore off, spent hours in his basement basking in the red light and ingesting the fumes. The advent of digital capture and printing rekindled his interest in photography after years of dormancy and a career in real estate.

Photography is a tool for exploration. With camera in hand, especially when time is unconstrained, Peter intentionally searches for things outside his daily routine and his familiar experiences to photograph. Traveling to new environments, and adding all the unfamiliar elements entailed in the process is always fertile ground in which to cultivate new ways to see the world. Imaginatively rendering in images those explorations confirms the strange fact that they in actuality coexist with you. Besides, it's a great excuse to get out of town when the weather is dreary just to reconfirm that truth. Today it's raining and 50°F in Seattle, but somewhere it's hot and someone is sitting by a pool, drinking a cool drink, and enjoying the sun.